I want to have free horoscopes to be sent to my cell phone!What site can help me with that?

I want to have free horoscopes to be sent to my cell phone!What site can help me with that?
Ive tried looking every where for free horoscopes online & im unable to find any. thanks

Suggestion by Mason
Just read the news paper they usally have them

Suggestion by Vasudev P
Please write birth details for your answer

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horoscopes online

Where to find perfect daily horoscope online?
i mean the most reliable and most accurate horoscope online? Please let me know as there are thousands of websites online! and i am confused =(

Suggestion by Eiginh
yahoo horoscopes…

Suggestion by jazey15
yahoo horoscopes google horoscopes
or you can just add a free app to your phone

Suggestion by The Collapse of Civilization

This astrology website will take your full chart into account and not just your Sun sign. All the horoscopes that look at Sun signs alone (if they take the Sun sign into account at all) aren’t accurate at all. Real astrology looks at a persons complete chart. You have to look at the current transits to your chart.

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horoscopes online
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  1. starlight says

    Outside of Christ there is something to all this I believe but in the end it will separate you from Jesus. Jesus said we cannot live by our birth nature and make heaven, we must be born again.

    God’s power is far above anything Astrol. can offer you. Jesus said to live a holy life and he would answer our prayers. Ask him to send you the one you should be with and he will do that. Have faith and wait and live holy.

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