Where can I get a free psychic reading without giving away my credit card? (Similar to psychicaccess.com)?

Where can I get a free psychic reading without giving away my credit card? (Similar to psychicaccess.com)?
I understand that a full reading costs per minute but where can I get a free quick reading from somewhere similar to psychicaccess.com where they give free 6 minute readings without having to give credit card information?

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You can try the links below.

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Free Psychic Readings?
Looking for a site with free psychic readings, no credit cards ect. and pls none of the its fake and lil childish comments pls. thanks

Suggestion by Lord of the Void
Why would people sit on computers all day and give free readings for nothing???
they ALL charge.

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Can psychics give readings to under 18s?
So basically I went on a psychic website called Oranum and there are live free chats on it, I went on one and asked a man for a reading which involved me giving me my date of birth and my friends and our names, but it had our year of birth on it and we are both under 18, so do you think he will do anything with them??? i hope not because he knocked of when i gave him them cause he was doing private reading. there was other people in the chat also, not just me. help!!!!! im freaking outt

Suggestion by Robert
Psychics are psycho’s.

Suggestion by isis’s brother
This can be another way to get a hold of people’s credit info.
People that steal information are not going to resist using it.
If you gave any credit card numbers or your social security number
or any other account numbers, better call the 3 credit rating companies
to establish new credit immediately.

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